Sunday, October 28, 2012

A rainy prenup session

Ray & Kim Prenup Session

Sometimes the weather just isn't so helpful and the sky rains when want it not to. But, just as hard as the rain was, so were our heads.

Reycard & Kim Prenup-90.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-16.jpg
Despite the rain, we went on with the shoot and got these photos in return. Nay, "awarded" with these cool looking snaps for our resilience and creativity.

Good thing also, we already had the colds before we got rained on.

Reycard & Kim Prenup-108.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-159.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-198.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-214.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-233.jpg

Prenup Photography by Sideroom Studios
Photographers: Ryan Macalandag & Justin Paulo

Prometheus: A totally different beginning

At the film's onset, I was led to believe this movie was solely about humankind's creation. But lo and behold, it, too, was about the creation of the alien creatures of the Alien franchise. Which is super cool 'coz I am an Aliens fan.

Subtle work, Ridley. Subtle work.

PS. I was looking for reviews from the website and found this bit quote interesting:

It’s telling that Prometheus’s collection of characters includes only one real standout and that this most memorable of characters is a robot played by Michael Fassbender, an actor whose lightly expressed sardonic wit can be as subtle as one of his character’s raised eyebrows. Fassbender’s David is a humanoid variation of 2001’s HAL, a machine that develops its human style by watching Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Nice touch.

View the full review by Robert Denerstein here

Foliage at the new apartment

We just transferred to a new place. And at our new front yard, these are the plants and flowers we see daily (aside from the wonderful view of the ocean from our balcony).

Apartment Monday Justin Laya-85.jpg
Apartment Monday Justin Laya-106.jpg

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Basic Photo Class on November 5

November 5, 2012 @ 9am to 6pm
Sideroom Studios, Tagbilaran City

Registration forms now available @ Sideroom Studios or call/text 0915.138.4898 (Gia) or 0938.261.0658 (Justin Paolo).

Happy shooting!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Second Post

Taken during the Worldwide Photowalk 2012 Downtown Tagbilaran City Walk last October 12, 2012. Click here for the official walk page.

WWPW Tagbilaran-36.jpg

WWPW Tagbilaran-92.jpg

What is a photo walk?
It’s a social photography event where photographers get together (usually in a downtown area or trendy section of town) to walk around, shoot photos, and generally have fun with other photographers.

WWPW Tagbilaran-68.jpg

WWPW Tagbilaran-99.jpg

Who is Scott Kelby?

Kelby is a photographer, designer, and the award-winning author of more than 50 books, including Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks, The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers, The Photoshop Channels Book, Photoshop Classic Effects, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers, The iPod Book, The Digital Photography Book, and The iPhone Book. 
In 2008 he started the "Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk". In 2009 this consisted of communal photowalks in 900 cities.

WWPW Tagbilaran-133.jpg

Check out the prizes of this year's photo walk here.