Sunday, October 28, 2012

A rainy prenup session

Ray & Kim Prenup Session

Sometimes the weather just isn't so helpful and the sky rains when want it not to. But, just as hard as the rain was, so were our heads.

Reycard & Kim Prenup-90.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-16.jpg
Despite the rain, we went on with the shoot and got these photos in return. Nay, "awarded" with these cool looking snaps for our resilience and creativity.

Good thing also, we already had the colds before we got rained on.

Reycard & Kim Prenup-108.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-159.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-198.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-214.jpg
Reycard & Kim Prenup-233.jpg

Prenup Photography by Sideroom Studios
Photographers: Ryan Macalandag & Justin Paulo

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